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Oregon Recreational Marijuana Dispensary – 324 SE 82nd Av Portland, OR 97216 – 971-319-6093


Websites and Education

What is the Endocannabinoid System? A great place to start; incldes information about how cannabis, or marijuana, interacts with the body.

 Green Flower MediaAs host of the online Cannabis Health Summit, these resources include online courses, blog posts, and videos related to various aspects of cannabis and its varied uses.

Project CBDThis organization formed in 2010 when released research showed CBD’s therapeutic benefits. This site continues to be an excellent source of new and related articles.

O’Shaughnessy’sWebsite associated with a newspaper dedicated to medical cannabis, named in deference to a 19th century physician who began documenting the use of hemp in Calcutta, India. With an eye toward the history and impacts of prohibition, this provides excellent resources such as articles on the medical uses of cannabis.

Patients Out of Time: Organization formed in the 1990s by patients, and includes tremendous information about the endocannabinoid system.

YouTube Videos

The Scientist:  A documentary about Raphael Mechoulam, who continues to research cannabis in Israel. In 1963, he identified the compound CBD and in 1964 he identified THC.

Weed, Weed II, Weed 3Dr. Sanjay Gupta and CNN produced these videos in the last couple years. After being a vocal opponent of cannabis use, Dr. Gupta reviewed the research, changed his position, and held a press conference apologizing for misleading the public for years.  He also said, “We have all been systematically misled by the federal government.”

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